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Written on 10/23/2012 at 2:00 pm by eBook-mom

 The Book Depository is a retail e-book website that offers over 11,000 free e-books. Based out of the U.K., and the winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2012, The Book Depository has an innovative mission to make available out-of-print or difficult to find books. Specifically, they republish these hard to find books through their imprint Dodo Press.  Many of these e-books are offered as a  free download on their website.

11,000 e-books to Browse

How do you even begin to browse through 11,000 free e-books? Go to The Book Depository URL and add the word “free” ( and you will land on a filtered page that features  free e-books selected by The Book Depository for your enjoyment.  To search for more free e-books, go to the bottom of the webpage and click the search button.

Don’t panic when you see a price for the e-book.  It’s still free.  Look for the “get free e-book” button above the “add to basket” button.   Click on that button and you will be taken to the product page.  On that page will be a “download free e-book PDF” button.  Click on that button and your e-book will download to your computer or device.

Free e-book Page

Each free e-book has its own page where there is cover thumbnail, a summary about the book or author and full bibliographic data about the book such as when it was published, the ISBN number and the category.

Hard to find books

The Book Depository is committed to making books that are out-of-print or available again.  I think it’s great that they’ve made thousands of these titles available to readers for free.  If there’s a book you love but haven’t been able to find in a long time, go to The Book Depository and you might get lucky.


eBook-mom free eBook website FACTS

The Book Depository

Website URL

related/parent website - an e-bookstore

about the website
e-bookstore that offers over 11,000 free ebooks"the no risk approach to trying something new for the 1st time"

Free eBook Imprint
Dodo press

eBook format:
free ebook PDF button can also export PDF to Word doc

eReader/Tablet friendly?
yes, PDF format can be read by most tablets. txt files read on older devices

must download pdf
you can print text to read offline or export to Word

What kind of eBooks are available?
all sorts of books that are in the public domain

Subject and categories
varied"our picks" selected by The Book Depository

How to download
Follow the link to download free pdf and then save file

Is there a fee?

Do you have to register to download?

Country of origin

What type of collection
Bookstore website that offers a very vast selection of books and eBooks.

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