Top 100 free e-books at Amazon

Today I’m going over to Amazon to find some good books to read.  My budget is tight since we are saving to go on a short trip at the end of the month, so I’ve really got to find some book bargains.  For months I have been trying to figure out how to find free e-books on the Amazon website.  I’ve tried to search for “free kindle books” only to get a bit frustrated with the results.  Then I found out about Amazon’s Top 100 free Kindle e-books (read more).

Free e-Book Chronicles

"These are the chronicles of eBook-mom and her daily mission: to explore strange new websites, to seek out new free e-book links and, to boldly go where no e-book-mommy has gone before"(read more)

What is an e-book?  Ebook-mom explains . . . (read more)

Reading is good for you . . .

Literacy is for Everyone

Reading as a family prepares your children for school and keeps school-age children interested and performing well in every subject. Literacy is also very beneficial for adults of all ages because being literate keeps your brain sharp.

Being Literate Means:

  • the ability to read for knowledge
  • the ability to write clearly
  • the ability to think critically about the written word

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