Top 100 Free Kindle Books


Years ago, it was my favorite thing to go to a half-price bookstore and spend $20 on paperbacks.  In those days $20 would be enough to fill a grocery sack and I would have plenty of books to read for the whole month.  Now, things have changed.   Instead of filling up a grocery sack with paperbacks, I’m keen to fill up my Kindle Fire with e-books.

Stocking up on books

 There’s something about stocking up on books to read.  It’s a great feeling to know that you have a bunch of great books ready and waiting to be read.   It’s like having a subscription to fun.  Of course back in the day when I used to stock up on books, I had more time to read.  Now a-days it takes me much longer to get through a stack of books.  Still, I like the feeling of knowing that I always have something to read.

Long waiting lists

Yesterday I took the time to put e-books on hold through my public library account.  I can’t wait to read Dan Brown’s new book, Inferno but I’m patron 368 on a waiting list of 368.  The wait isn’t as long for the other ten books I put on hold; but, still there is a wait.  So what can I read in the meantime?

Finding Amazon book bargains

Today I’m going over to Amazon to find some good books to read.  My budget is tight since we are saving to go on a short trip at the end of the month, so I’ve really got to find some book bargains.  For months I have been trying to figure out how to find free e-books on the Amazon website.  I’ve tried to search for “free kindle books” only to get a bit frustrated with the results.  Then I found out about Amazon’s Top 100 free Kindle e-books.

Amazon top 100 free Kindle books

I had no idea it was so easy to find free e-books on the Amazon website.  Here’s how I found the top 100 free e-books list.

1.            Start on the Amazon Home Page

2.            Find the Shop by Department menu on the left hand side of the page

3.            Go to the Kindle Department

4.            Look for the Kindle Store Category

5.            Choose Kindle Books

6.            When you get to the Kindle Book page, look on the right hand side of the page

7.            Find the box that lists Top 100 paid – and you will see the tab for Top 100 Free right next to it

8.            Click on the tab and you will see a list of the Top 100 Free books]

Amazon shop by department menu

It’s kind of weird that you can’t get to this list from any other place than the “department” menu.  I’ve tried to go to the search box and choose Kindle books but that won’t take you to the drop down menu of Top 100 paid and free Kindle books.  I don’t know why this is.  If you find another way to get to this menu, please let me know.  I’ve noticed that you don’t have to be on the Amazon Home Page to find the Shop by Department menu; you can access this drop down menu from any Amazon page. 

Like shopping with an unlimited gift card

I have a lot of fun browsing the top 100 free Kindle books because it makes me feel like I’m shopping for books with an unlimited gift card.  There are so many different types of free Kindle books to choose from: mysteries, romances, and even cookbooks.  It’s great.  The other benefit is that you aren’t just looking at random books that are free; you are looking at a list of books that other readers have made popular.  Sure, not all the books are going to interest me but out of 100 books, I ought to find something good and worthwhile to read.

Well, I’m not filling up grocery sacks with books anymore but I am stocking up on books just the same.  Happy Reading!