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Thanks to the efforts of many, there is a wide selection of e-books that are offered for free of charge on the internet.   In order to access these free e-books, all you need is an internet connection and a device that will read e-books such as a computer, e-book reader, tablet or smart-phone.  If you have one or more of these devices,  you’re good to go.

Three reasons e-books are free

  • Books that are in the public domain have been reformatted as eBooks; and, are consequently free to download.
  • Authors attract new readers by offering free downloads of their e-books
  • Publishers offer e-books at no charge in exchange for a review.

Finding free e-books

Free e-book websites range from those that offer older books that are now in the public domain or those that offer e-books that have either never been published before or have never been published in e-book format.  The best free e-book websites are those that offer a combination of both.

Earn a free e-book

If you love to review books, there are publishers who will offer you a free e-book in exchange for your opinion.  Just post a review and you’ve earned your free e-book.

How Many eBooks on the Internet are free?

There are a lot of websites that offer e-books at no charge. In fact there are so many, you might find yourself becoming pretty dazed and confused. Don’t worry, here at e-book mom, I try to make things easier for you.  Check out my directory of free e-books for a list of free e-book websites where you can find free e-books or my my free e-book chronicles where I review the free e-book websites that I have visited.

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