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Written on 10/18/2012 at 12:00 pm by eBook-mom

If you don't want to bother with downloading e-book files, look no further than Arthur's Classic Novel's where Arthur re-formats e-books so that you can read them online.

Top 10 lists

What I love about Arthur's classic novel website is his Top 10 Novels of the Early Twentieth Century list. Interested in what novels were big in 1919? Check out Arthur's top ten list for that year.  Arthur has some other pretty great list for top horror, westerns and sci-fi novels. Overall, Arthur has a good way of organizing the books on his website into genre and category so that it's easy and quick to find an e-book that you want to read.

A great place for a break

Since Arthur’s classic novel makes it easy to read e-books online, I like to keep a window open to one of the e-books that he offers on his website.  With the easy to add bookmarks, I never lose my place.  Having the e-book open in my browser makes it easier to sneak a few moments of reading time while I’m working.  Reading at Arthur’s is a great guilt-free way to take an enjoyable break from writing.  Join me at Arthur’s classic novels for some fun.

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Arthur's Classic Novels

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Arthur says: ""The real profit is the connecting of people together in common interest"

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Developer re-formatted available free texts

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read online or save epub file with Firefox epub file add-on

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easy to read from tablet web broswer

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primarly reading online unless you download fire-fox epub file add-on

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by genre, type, top 10 lists

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