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Sponsored by the University of Adelaide, the eBooks@adelaide website is devoted to improving the readability of eBooks; specifically, reformatting available text files for better accessibility and ease of reading. All files are provided DRM "free".

According to the website

"The Collection began around 1998. I was aware of other e-text projects and had compiled a web page directory of these sites. Dissatisfied with the presentation on those sites, I wanted to explore how one might present a book using HTML in such a way that it was as readable and enjoyable as a printed book. Having proved the concept, I then began adding titles and refining the format (and refinement continues to this day). "

Gutenberg related/linked?

This website retrieves their eBook files from the Gutenberg website as well as other free public domain websites. However, they do not link directly to these websites.

ebooks@adelaide improves upon the format of the public-domain files and makes these improved formats eBooks available for download on their website.

E-book format

All files are available in ePub format. A Kindle format is available for some but not all of the e-books.   All e-books are available in html format to be read online or off. HTML files are zipped and ready for download.

How to download

When you select the e-book that you want to download, you will be taken to a page where you can make several choices.  You can download the e-book in ePub or Kindle format.  You can also read the e-book from your browser or print it out.

 Tablet friendly?

If you don’t have an app to read your e-book, the Adelaide website makes it easy to read straight from your browser.

Great online interface

The Adelaide website has a great user interface for reading books online.  You can access the book one page at a time, or use hyperlinks from the table of contents.  If you would like to print the book, there is a feature where you can access the whole book at one time for easier printing.   To read books offline and with your browser, you can download a zip file of the total text.  

Category featured

·              Design and Collecting

·              Philosophy

·              Religion

·              Literature

·              Science

·              Travel and Exploration

·              History

·              Gastronomy & Cookery Books

Register to download?

You don't need to register to download books from Adelaide.

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