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Written on 1/13/2013 at 10:30 am by eBook-mom

E-Books Directory offers 7,391* e-books that you can download for free.  This free e-book directory includes fiction, non-fiction, lecture notes, documents and technical books found all over the internet.  The E-Books Directory also takes submissions of original works.

*e-books added daily so number will have increased by the time you read this!

Organized Chaos

There isn't a lot of uniformity at this website as many of the download pages have various formats.  For example, you can download a free e-book from a website like the Gutenberg Project or Wikibooks.  Other times there is a direct link to a webpage where you can download the e-book.  I admit as a disorderly person, I seek order in the free e-book universe but sometimes it's worth jumping into the chaos to have access to some great free e-books.

Five Great Things about the E-Books Directory

 1. New e-books added to the directory on a regular basis

Every time I visit E-Book Directory the number of available books always increases.  This website boasts that they add new e-books daily.  Wow!

  2. A good source for original works, lectures documents and non-fiction books.

If you love to learn about new things, e-book directory is a great resource for non- fiction subjects like computing, philosophy and even medicine.

3.  A great way to link to other collections like the Gutenberg project and Wikibooks

E-book Directory does a great job of breaking down subjects and categorizing e-books.  According to E-book Directory they have over 7391 books in 625 categories on their website.

Get the name right

E-Book Directory shares a name with another website: e-books directory without the "-" (hyphen) so be sure to add the hyphen "e-books directory" when you do your search for this wonderful website.

Satisfy your curiosity

E-Books Directory is a great place to satisfy your curiosity with so many e-books presented for download.  I challenge you to find answers to some of the questions you've always wanted to answer but never had the resources to do it.  Happy Downloading!

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