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Written on 10/2/2012 at 1:00 pm by eBook-mom

Offering more than 3,810 books, the Classic Reader website is a great place for students or anybody who wants to take notes while reading the classics.

Reading a classic

Ever try to tackle a classic work and fail because you just couldn't keep your focus? No problem, just surf on over to Classic Reader where you have the ability to take notes as you are reading. Once you create a free user account at Classic Reader, you can keep track of the notes and also keep track of the books that you have finished reading.

Taking notes is priceless

Being able to write a note while you are reading is priceless especially when reading a classic. A lot of the ideas expressed in a classic book are timeless and well worth remembering. Plus, the ability to make notes, also promotes active reading as you can write a note that summarizes what you have just read. In addition, if you come across something important or something you don't understand, you can make a note of this question, and return to it when you have found the answer.

Can reading be active?

Active reading can really help to keep your focus on the story; and, being able to focus on a classic work can go a long way in helping you understand some of the tough ideas, themes or concepts of a classic work.

How to take notes at Classic Reader

The annotation feature is included as a part of each text. Specifically, the ability to annotate or make notes follows each paragraph. For example, you are reading a paragraph and then right below it appears the word "annotate". You click on that word and a box appears where you can write your note and/or copy and paste a part of the text that you want to remember.  Your notes are saved within the text of the e-book and will appear when you log into your account.  These notes will also be included in the copy of the e-book that you download.

Classic Reader features

Another Classic Reader feature is the ability to access the notes that you have written during or after reading the text. Just go to "control panel" and there you will find the link to the notes that you have written.  You will find these notes on Classic Reader sorted by e-book. Also, while logged into your user account control panel, you can design how you want your notes to appear such as a special color or style. You can also set how you would like to browse books by title or subject.


A great experience

Overall, visiting Classic Books has been a great experience. I plan to return so that I can tackle some tough reads like Moby Dick by taking notes as I'm reading.  Are there any classic books that you’ve always wanted to tackle?  Hurry to Classic Reader and let the reading begin.



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Name of website
Classic Reader

Website URL

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Blackdog Media
Stephane Therox

About the website
Publishes classic books on website for online reading

Gutenberg related/link
Provides a link to Project Gutenberg

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eBook formats
Access eBooks through a browser

you can save or print entire eBooks

eReader/Tablet friendly?
If your device can browse, you can read these eBooks online

save as webpage and you can read from your browser
There is also printer friendly button

What kind of eBooks are available?
Anything available in Project Gutenberg and other classic books

Subjects and categories
young readers
short stories

(the drama section of classic plays is great!)

Is there a fee?

Do you need to register to download
You don't need need to register in order to read the book online. However, if you register, you can have access to the user control panel where you can save annotations and keep track of the books you have finished.

Does the website sell eBooks?

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British Columbia, Canada

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