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Written on 10/16/2012 at 3:00 pm by eBook-mom


The Baen Books Publishing website is where my free e-book travels take me today. Baen Books is a science fiction publisher that has built an incredible free e-book library. The e-books, previously published by Baen Books, range from science fiction short stories, full-length science fiction, book series and even reading guides for teachers.

I was so excited to find such a generous selection of free e-books. Don't get me wrong, I love the classics but sometimes I want something new and fresh and Baen's free e-book library delivers.

Five things to love about the Baen Books free library

1. E-books are very easy to download

2.  A Wide variety of e-book formats available for download.

3. Zip files are offered to make downloading easier.

4. Free e-book catalogue makes it easy to find and pick your e-books

Effort counts

Baen Books has put a lot of thought and effort into their free e-book library.  Each free e-book download has a dedicated webpage. On each webpage, you get a synopsis of the e-book, a link to sample chapters, information about the author, and easy to understand download links.

A little slice of heaven

The best thing about the free e-book library at BaenBooks is the wide variety and high quality of free e-books made available. Baen Books free e-book library is a little slice of heaven for science fiction fans. And, if you aren't a science fiction fan, visit anyway; heaven is heaven no matter how you slice it.


eBook-mom free eBook website FACTS

Name of Website
Baen Free Library

Website URL

About the website publishers have developed a free library where they offer a generous amount of free science fiction e-books for download. These books are original and published by Baen
The free library is part of

Baen e-book are DRM free

ebook formats
e-book wise/Rocket format
Mobi/Kindle/Palm format
ePub/Nook/Stanza format
Microsoft Reader format
Sony Digital format
rtf format
These files are also offered as zip files

eReader/Tablet friendly?
Yes, very friendly as most e-book formats are offered for download. You can also surf over to their website with your tablet and read their books online. Download the zip html or rtf file for when you want to read books offline.

What kind of books are available?
Science fiction books published by Baen

How are the free eBooks organized?
What's New

How to download
Very easy web page format to follow - just click on the e-book format of your choice and download. You an even email an e-book to your Kindle

Do you have to register to download?

Is this a bookstore website?
The free e-book library is a part of the Baen publishing website that sells the science fiction books that they publish in both e-book and book format.

eBook-mom Tip
Make sure that you go to the - URL to find your e-books. It's nice to go to the URL as they offer forums and other nice stuff. Also, the books that they sell are very reasonably priced. It's also a treat to read why Bean offers so many free e-books. Read their introduction to their free e-book library at:

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