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An eBook reader device is a device that enables you to read eBooks. In the recent past, eBook readers only "read" files that were specific to their brand. Now, most eBook Reader devices have the capability to read most eBook files and if they can't, there are programs or websites that help to convert these files.

Tablets vs. eBook Readers

Not all devices are limited to reading eBooks. The Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad are examples of tablets that also have the ability to read eBook files. These tablets have color displays that make reading full color material such as magazine and children's books possible.

Yet, these devices also have the capability of running apps that increase their usefulness. For example, after you read a book featured as a movie, you can watch the movie on your tablet device. Likewise, you can access the internet and surf for information about the book such as author biographies.

Even so, there are non-tablet, eBook reader Devices that let you access the internet through a network with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection but access can be limited to only purchasing a book. Still, there are eBook readers like the Nook that let you access the internet for more than just purchasing books; however, full blown surfing, or retrieving email can take some skill.

Your Library vs. THE library

The storage capacities of eReader devices, is a huge benefit. eReaders have the ability to store hundreds of eBooks easily. Some people are intimidated by having so many books stored in one place; feeling that they need to spend the rest of their lives dedicated to reading every eBook on their device.

I love being able to have a device that stores many different books because it is like having my own personal library. Tucked into my purse, I have a library of choices! With every eBook I purchase or download for free, I am building a library for myself or my family members, i.e. my children. My dream is to have an eBook device dedicated to the "Classics" and any reference material related to this classics. However, it may take a tablet device that can feature the movie based on the book, to spark any kind of motivation to read the classics.

Fiction vs. Non Fiction

Not all the eBooks stored on my reader are for pleasure. I store reference books and non- fiction books on my eBook device. So, when I have to get work done away from home, I have the means to do access reference material , in a device that fits into my purse.

An eBook reader does more than read an eBook file. Built-in dictionaries are a basic feature on eBooks. Also, the ability to "clip" text from an eBook that can be downloaded onto your computer. These features also help me to get my work done.

eBook-mom's eBook Reader Device List

The following is a list of eBook reader devices that are featured here at eBook-mom. This list in no way represents all the eBook devices available on the market . . . although I am working hard so that it does!

I invite you to add information about your eBook device on this website. Please visit the comment section of eBook-mom found on the Nav. Bar. When you add your information, I will feature you as a "guest writer" on eBook-mom.

eBook Devices Featured on eBook-mom

Amazon Kindle

Kindle Keyboard
Kindle Touch
Kindle DX
Kindle Fire

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Barnes & Noble Nook


Nook Simple Touch

Nook Color

Nook Tablet

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Reader Pocket Edition
Reader Touch Edition
Reader Daily Edition

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Other eBook Reader Devices