Sony eBook Readers

Sony eBook Readers come in three different types of editions:

  • Reader Pocket Edition
  • Reader Touch Edition
  • Reader Daily edition

    The Reader Pocket edition does not have WiFi access but does come with a USB cable and software for the purchase and transfer of ebooks. This is the thinnest and lightest reader available from Sony weighing in at 5.47 oz. This edition can be purchased in either silver or pink. A stylus pen is included for taking notes that can be transferred onto a P.C. with the Reader Library software.

    The Reader Touch Edition has an intuitive 6" touchscreen and has 2GB of on board memory that can be expanded. A single battery charge can be held for approx two full weeks. This reader also plays Mp3 files while reading.

    The Reader Daily Edition is the only Sony reader that has WiFi and free 3G wireless access. It has a 7" intuitive touch screen. The Reader Daily Edition can display either in portrait or landscape mode. The landscape mode can display two pages at a time.

    Each ebook reader supports or reads txt files (such as Microsoft Word documents), ePub and Adobe Pdf files.

    The Sony Readers have 2 GB of on board memory that can hold approx. 1200 books. Except for the Pocket Edition, each reader's memory can be expanded.

    A Sony ebook can be bought from Sony's Reader Store or borrowed from any library that lends ebooks.

Five Things the Sony eReader has that the Nook doesn't

  1. Adjustable Content Brightness
  2. Aluminum Design Material that offer color choices such as red, pink, gray.
  3. Ten Translation Dictionaries
  4. Printable notes from reader to P.C.
  5. Expandable memory up to 32 GB (except for the pocket reader edition)

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