The Great Barnes & Noble Nook

The Great Barnes & Noble eBook Reader

The Nook eBook reader, sold by Barnes & Noble, is one of the best eBook readers on the market. eBook readers are close to my heart because they hold what I treasure the most: books. I like the ability to carry my favorite collection of books where ever I go. The look feel and touch of a book can never be replaced by an eReader device but having words go electric isn't a bad idea because of all the benefits electronic books have to offer such as: buying books with a quick download; clipping text to view later; and, looking up a word without leaving the page.

Cover Up

When I received my Nook as a birthday gift, I have to be truthful, I really didn't start using it until I got a cover. Even though the Nook is pretty sturdy, I felt that my Nook could easily break. At Christmas time, my father-in-law gave me the cutest eBook cover made by JAVOedge. Now that I have a cover to protect my Nook, I take it everywhere.

No Distractions

Having a dedicated device for reading books is what I love most about my Nook. Since I use my Nook for long periods of reading and study, I am glad that I don't have the distractions of "apps" on my Nook. My Nook does browse the internet and there is a Sudoko and Chess game but those application really don't get my attention when I have a lot of reading to do.

Color My eBook World

Now, with the emergence of the Nook Tablet, I am torn from wanting a device that can run really cool apps to just having a dedicated plain old Nook eBook reader. An added benefit to having a color viewer is that it opens up the world of reading to include more publications like magazines and children's books; not to mention all of the other amazing things tablets can do.

Simplicity Rocks

Still, I love the simplicity of my Nook. I didn't get the 3G Wi-Fi version that was offered at the time but I have found that this has not limited my access to ebooks as I am usually connected to a private network and rarely without internet service. I have been adding ebooks steadily for two years but I still have plenty of room on the on board 2GB of memory. When I do run out of room, I will purchase a memory card to install into my Nook.

A Downfall

My birthday is coming up and I am tempted to order the Nook Tablet because one of the things that does aggravate me about my Nook is the small touch screen. So often, I just want to touch the screen of my Nook to open up a book or to highlight a passage but instead, I have to use the physical buttons of the Nook and the Virtual Keyboard that always takes me more than one try to tap the right letters. Another frustration is turning the pages with a swipe of my finger -- not an easy task for me as I only get it to happen five out of ten tries. How great it would be to just tap the screen and be done with it.

Overall, my Nook is a great eBook reader that offers a lot of value for your money. Even though you can buy a more updated Nook like the Touch or the Tablet, I still love my older Nook for all its great features.
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