Kindle Information Page

The Kindle eBook Reader

The Kindle eBook Reader is a device sold by to read electronic books, newspapers, magazines and textbooks. The current eBook readers offered by Amazon are:

  • the Kindle keyboard (3rd generation)
  • Kindle Touch,
  • Kindle Fire
  • Kindle DX.

    Kindle Wi-Fi and Kindle 3G+Wi Fi

    A distinction amongst the Kindle ebook readers are the Wi-Fi and/or 3G features. The Kindle Wi-Fi and the Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi have pretty much the same features, except for the Wi-Fi connect ability issue. The Kindle Wi-Fi has to connect to a public or private WiFi network such as an At&T Hotspot. The Kindle 3G+Wi-Fi can connect to the Amazon Kindle store on its own power like a cell phone call.

    Kindle Size

    The Kindle DX has the same features as the other two Kindle models except for the screen size. The Kindle DX has a 9.7" diagonal screen, while the other Kindle readers that also feauture E-Ink Pearl technology 6" diagonal screens. The Kindle Fire offers a 7" screen with vibrant color technology.

    Kindle eBook File Format

    The Kindle ebook reader has a proprietary format, AZW that no other eBook readers can "read". However, with each new generation comes the increased ability to read more formats. These formats include PDF, text (TXT) and graphic files such as JPEG and BMP. Amazon is currently working on a K8 format that will give the Kindle a greater capacity to respond to HTML formats.

    The Kindles do not support the EPUB format used by the Nook and other eBook readers; however, Amazon offers a free program called KindleGen which converts EPUB and several other formats into a format that the Kindle can read.

    The Amazon Environment

    What sets the Kindle ebook reader apart from the other ebook reader's is that it belongs to the world of Always a leader in providing readers what they want, Amazon is constantly morphing not only the Kindle hardware but also the services it provides for Kindle owners. Whisperlink is a feature that allows books to be downloaded to a Kindle without having to use a USB connection. The Kindle allows owners to check out books from their local public library and read it with any generation of the Kindle ebook readers.

    Note: some public library books can be delivered to the Kindle wirelessly as long as there are no publisher restrictions on the book.

    Kindle Sold Near You

    Kindle's ebook readers were first sold only at Amazon but now stores like Target, Best Buy and Staples also sell the Kindle. Likewise, you can always bid for a Kindle on ebay.

    Accessories for the Kindle are sold by many stores, including Walmart.