BookSneeze Review Program

Booksneeze is a program where bloggers can earn free e-books in exchange for posting a review on their blog and a commercial website like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. To sign up for the program, visit the Booksneeze website and fill out a short form.  Booksneeze will review the form and ultimately approve your membership into the Booksneeze program.

After you’re approved

When you are approved to the program, you will register and login into Booksneeze and choose an e-book to review. You can either download the e-book from the website or ask them to send you a hard copy of the book.  Then at your own pace, read the book and when you’re ready, write a review and post it.

Writing the review

Writing a review can be daunting but I found that the clear and concise instructions provided by Booksneeze were helpful and encouraging. Within the review guidelines there are questions that basically shape your review. Questions like: "summarize the message of the book in 3 or 4 sentences"; or, "Would you recommend this novel to others". Overall, these questions make your review easy and painless to write and submit.

The website also recommends a structure to be followed for writing a review: The title of the book, a summary about the book (50-100 words); your reaction to the book (100-150 words) and a description of the content.

Loading up on free e-books

With the purchase of my Nook, I have been frantic to load it up with the best books that I can find. The challenge for me, a mom on a strict budget, has made me creative in acquiring good books. Stumbling into the Booksneeze program, as I late-night surfed the net, gave me the opportunity to load up my Nook with quality e-books.  What are you waiting for?  Surf on over to Booksneeze and pick up your free e-book.  Happy reading and reviewing!

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