"Strike it Rich with Pocket Change"
by Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen
Published by F&W Media

 "Strike it Rich with Pocket Change", by Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen, to review.  Strike it Rich is the ultimate reference book for beginning and experienced coin collectors. This book attempts and succeeds in providing comprehensive instruction about coin collecting by doing the following: outstanding presentation of reference material such as pictures, illustrations and data tables; instructions for setting up a collection; and a guide to selling and acquiring valuable coins. I really also love the various narrative chapters that debunk coin myths and the extensive section explaining coin terms.

Consistent Presentation

Even though the massive information displayed in this book can be overwhelming, I congratulate the authors for remaining consistent in the way that they present the reference material. Without this consistency, the book would be hard to grasp. The pictures included in this book are sharp and well presented with the appropriate captions and markings to further explain the factors that make a coin valuable.

Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Although the title: Strike it Rich with Pocket Change may suggests a "get-rich-quick" instructional book, the authors succeed in identifying that the true value of coin collecting lies in sharing hours of enjoyment and learning with another person.   And, if in spending hours collecting coins, you do indeed strike it rich by identifying a valuable coin, then the time spent collecting coins is invaluable. 

Strike it Rich is a very hopeful book because with the author's valuable lessons, you can begin a hobby that won't cost you a lot of money.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab this book, your pocket change and your sense of adventure and go strike it rich!

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