Journey of the eBook:
from conception to development

The Journey of the eBook

The journey of the eBook from conception to development as been a slow one compared to other digital developments such as MP3 files. The popularity of the e-book has been akin to always being the bridesmaid and never the bride at the wedding. At first the e-book was born to only interest a chosen few. Companies working to producing e-books didn't care much about making e-books available to everyone.

eBook Niche Markets

There were niche markets that did very well with e-books, for example, some technical books began to be produced on CD-ROM and the Romance book market began to publish e-books. Still, organizations like Project Gutenberg kept pushing forward to make e-books accessible to everyone. In 1996, they reached a milestone of 1,000 books uploaded. People could access these books online and could read the text from their computers. In 1998, the first e-book reader was launched and people could start reading e-books away from their computer. In the year 2000, Stephen King publishes a book exclusively as an e-book, the first time an author endevored to publish a work electronically.

To be continued . . .

Journey with me, eBook-mom, as I research and report to you the development of eBooks from conception to development. Thanks for your patience as I develop this page!

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