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Dazed and Confused while using your e-book reader? No Problem: eBook-mom to the rescue!

Whether you are a novice or expert on e-books, it never hurts to have a handbook at the ready to look-up something you've never heard of.

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eBook-mom's Glossary of Terms

Do massive lists of hyper-linked terms scare you as much as they scare me? Whether you're "cyber-brave" or "cyber-timid", learn e-book terms in this glossary.

eBook Format Information

Have you ever gotten frustrated because you don't know what eBook files your device can read? Check here for a quick information guide.

eBook Reader Index

Ever wanted to buy a used eBook reader at a garage sale, thrift store or Craig's List?

Check-out this eBook index for information about eBook readers that are past their prime (1st generation) but still useful.

eBook Reader Information Page

eBook Reader Devices Article

eBook-Mom's eBook History Project

Visit this eBook History Project page to learn about the history of the digital word.

Article Index

eBook Development Timeline

Dreams to Reality: the Birth of the eBook