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Computer Charlie has agreed to help eBook-mom out with information about tablets.   Charlie likes to buy used tablets for the price break and the challenge of refurbishing them  A lot of his experience comes from buying cast-offs or broken tablets.

Great budget busters

Buying used tablets can be great for a budget but they can come with their own set of unique problems.  Charlie bought me a tablet that didn’t use an Android operating system but he fixed it for me and it runs Android Cyanogen Mod.  I’m thankful for his time and expertise in fixing my tablet so that I could use it.

Finding used tablets

Computer Charlie finds a lot of his tablets at pawnshops.  Tablets are often impulse buys that can't be easily returned, so pawnshops offer an alternative to returning a tablet you just don't like.  A tablet that one person can't use is another person's perfect device. 

Charlie has also found tablets at garage sales and thrift stores.  I love gadgets so I enjoy the fact that Charlie can't pass on any used tablet that he comes across.  It was a great day for me when he brought home my Kindle Fire.  Hey, at least he's not bringing home puppies.

Don't be scared

Are you thinking of buying a used tablet in the future?  Don’t be scared, it can be worth the time and effort to get a really cool tablet for a bargain price.  Check this page often for Computer Charlie's quick tips or articles about tablet repair.  You can also leave a question for Computer Charlie to answer. If he doesn't know the answer, he'll find out.

Thanks in advance for your help Computer Charlie!

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Learn the date of original purchase.

Check files for download dates or any other time indicator to be able to determine how much the tablet has been used.
Also, ask a clerk when the shop first acquired the tablet for sale. When you purchase a tablet on the internet or eBay, there is sometimes no way of knowing how much the tablet has been used before you purchase it.

 When possible turn the tablet on in the store for an extended amount of time.

The more time you have to run the tablet (20-30 minutes if possible) the better the chance you have to make sure the device doesn't crash due to problems with the battery or software (more)

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