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Five Things to Look For When Buying a Tablet

1.  Learn the date of original purchase.

Check files for download dates or any other time indicator to be able to determine how much the tablet has been used.

Also, ask a clerk when the shop first acquired the tablet for sale. When you purchase a tablet on the internet or eBay, there is sometimes no way of knowing how much the tablet has been used before you purchase it.

 2.  When possible turn the tablet on in the store for an extended amount of time.

The more time you have to run the tablet (20-30 minutes if possible) the better the chance you have to make sure the device doesn't crash due to problems with the battery or software.

3.  Change a device setting or load a program.

Tablets are sometimes damaged to the point that they can't save any changes between restarts.  Checking the device setting or loading a program helps you to determine if there is any damage.

4.  Check for built-in Wi-Fi and/or Cellular capabilities.

If the tablet has cellular capabilities, buy one that will take a sim card that can be used on the AT&T or T-Mobile network as those sim cards can be changed. Verizon and Sprint sim cards can only be used on those networks.

5.  Check the internet for the price of a new tablet.

Are you saving enough money on the used purchase price to justify buying a used tablet?