eBook-mom Explains the eBook Playground

Maybe I spend more time than I should dreaming about creative things to do with the digital world and the devices that they support.

In other words, I love to play! Who doesn't? Hence eBook-Mom's Playground!

Before the App

Before the great wonderful world of apps, there was the mighty "txt" file that could be humbly read by most all eBook devices. These text files were created by some to hold passwords, grocery lists, directions and anything we needed to get into print and load onto our devices.

Now, most devices can "read" a variety of user created files like pdf or word doc files. Even better, the wonderful, wonderful software "Calibre" can convert most types of text into a file that your devices can read.

What's On the eBook-mom Playground Page

This page features some creative things I've been able to do with the digital word and the devices that support them.

eBook-mom Playground Articles

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