The Nook Original F.A.Q. Page

What is the Nook?

The Nook is an eBook reader sold by Barnes &Noble

Is the Original Nook Still available from Barnes & Noble?
The original Nook is no longer available from Barnes & Noble but it can be found in resale shops and websites (like ebay)

How many types of Nooks are there?

The Nook Wi-Fi (and 3G+ Wi-Fi)

Nook Color

Nook Simple Touch

Nook Simple Touch with glow Light

Nook Tablet

What are the original Nook's features?

The original nook has a 6" inch screen with a 3.5" LCD color touch screen

Two available options for Wi-Fi connectivity were available - one was 3G/ Wi-iI and the other is only Wi-Fi that depends on private or public networks to get on the internet.
The Nook Touch has a 6" an infra red touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity.

What makes the original Nook special?

The color touch screen and the on board memory of 2G and the ability to expand the memory

What book formats can they read
epub adobe

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