Misadventures in Reading

It's Sunday night and things aren't going well for me.  First, I find out I'm not able to stream the 2017 Oscars and then when I settle down to read from my Kindle, my reading app goes haywire and I can't get to my books.  I begin to panic because without my reading app, I can't get to the e-books I checked out from the library.

The advantage of epub files

It had been too good to be true.  I started to read my library books with the Overdrive App.  Specifically, I was downloading the epub files instead of the kindle files.  I found the epub files to be easier.  The Kindle files have to be checked out like a purchase from Amazon and when you are ready to check them back in, you have to go to the Amazon website and choose manage devices.  This shouldn't be a problem but the format that Amazon uses is tough to use on a tablet. 

One stop e-book reading

Conversely, you can check out a book in the epub format straight from the book page and then you go to the bookshelf to read it.  When you are done, you just tap the book icon and select return to library.  It's a one-stop way to check-out an e-book. Compared to the many steps you have to go through with a kindle file, checking out the epub files is so much easier.  Except when the Overdrive App goes crazy.

A crazy file error

I was reading and then stopped to see if I could stream the Oscars.  I downloaded the ABC network app only to find out the Oscars weren't streaming in my area.  When I went back to my kindle I had to sign back into the library that I check out e-books from.  This was the first sign that something had gone wrong.  Has this every happened to you?  I signed back into the library which was tough because I had to find the twenty digit library card number to log back in. When I finished with this process, I got an error that said the e-book could only be read by the library card that checked it out.  I did that!  I don't have more than one library card.

Kindle unlimited to the rescue

It looked like I was out of luck because this error was way beyond my pc fix-it skills.  I was on my way to watch something on Netflix when I remembered my Amazon unlimited account.  Could I find something to read there?

Finding the Marvelous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter

I usually use my unlimited account to read non-fiction books.  I am a little snobbish about the books that are self-published but last night I found a great book:   The Marvelous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter.  I downloaded this e-book as a promotion by Amazon - this was a download before the release date.  I started the book and couldn't put it done.

A well written story

The prose was so easy to navigate.  The writing was clean and sharp.  I immediately felt a connection with the main character Ingrid.  The premise of the story is the Ingrid is trying to stay afloat while raising her children and working full-time.  No matter how hard Ingrid tries, she makes blunders and has to work even harder to navigate her life.

Wise and funny e-book

I recommend this e-book because it's wise and funny.  There's a little bit Ingrid in us all.  The official release date is March 1, 2017