Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You!!!

Thank you for setting this page up for us. Yes I too would rather be reliving last Christmas and New Years over again as well.

I am surprised that you still want to talk to me after how bad I hurt you and thank you for wanting to. Please feel free to yell scream and vent to me. Lord knows I deserve it.

I look forward to your words whatever they may say.

Old Man

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Dec 31, 2019

by: Josephine

Dear Dennis,
I’ve read the transcript of our chat and I still can’t believe it. You have to understand that I’d given up hope of ever hearing from you again. I made my peace with the situation and I moved on. I was quite shocked when you made contact at first. And further shocked when you asked to chat.
Overall, I haven’t been able to sleep well these past nights because I wake up thinking of you.
There is a lot to talk about. And I have the feeling that it will be quite rare that we can talk freely.
You know my feelings as I have been straightforward about them. I have things I would like to say to you but that can wait until I know more about what is going on at your end.
I prayed for you to come back to me. I wanted you to come back more than anything. Are you really back for me?’
I don’t want to write anymore until I know what’s what on your end.

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