Kindle Unlimited

Written on 6/16/2016 at 7:30 pm by eBook-mom

It’s not unusual to look forward to Summer Reading.  I read all year but there is something about reading during the summertime that brings me extra joy.  I especially love reading poolside.  There’s nothing like playing in the water with your children and then coming out of the pool to read.

A loaded Kindle Fire

This summer I have my Kindle Fire loaded with books that I want to read.  I am currently participating in the kindle unlimited service.  This service lets you download up to 10 kindle unlimited books at a time.  I combine this with my library overdrive account where the limit is 15 books and that gives me a total of 25 books to enjoy!

Being truthful

I’ve got to be truthful about the kindle unlimited service and tell you that a majority of the books in this service are by new authors that would originally sell their books for $2.99 or less.  Once in a while, you will get a best-selling author to participate in this program but that is rare.

The $10 debate

Kindle unlimited costs $10 per month and I debate whether I should just buy $10 worth of books instead of using the service.  But I like being able to try a book before I buy it because I would hate to get stuck with something that I’m not going to enjoy reading.  The kindle unlimited service makes it very easy to check books out and back in so there isn’t a problem when you download something that turns out to not be of any interest.

A broad range of categories

The best thing about the kindle unlimited service is that there is a broad range of categories available.  You can download everything from cookbooks to romances.  Looking for a way to make some extra money?  There’s a section of books available for downloading that will help you do just that.  I downloaded a book about taking surveys on the internet and I’ve made over $40 in one month with minimal effort just following the kindle unlimited book’s directions.

Summer reading

How do you get your books for summer?  Have you set up an Overdrive account from your library?  Are you interested in the kindle unlimited service?  If you are, click on over to Amazon and subscribe today.  I’m heading over to my local YMCA for a quick swim and read by the pool.  See ya’.