Jan 15

My Fantastic Sexy Woman,

As I go about my day you are beside me in every step I take, in every word I utter and in every decision I make. You are a part of me and always will be. The thoughts of you excite me and thrill as I fantasize about our life together and look forward to it becoming reality.

I look forward to having long hot kisses and to her your breath as it comes quicker with anxiety. I spread your thighs to cup your sex to feel how hot and wet you are. I love your excitement as it excites me. I see how hard your nipples are and long to suck on them and gently bite the. I caress them with my tongue as I begin to squeeze and caress your breasts. I love the feel of them and lower my head in between them to smother myself and caress the sexy cleavage with my tongue. It just leads me to want you even more and more....

Not much new on the medical end. Have an appointment next week with the cardiologist and on the 28th with the neurologist. I will keep you informed with whats going on since you are a part of me.

I am so fucking in love with you my love.....

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