Google Ebook Questions and Answers

What is a Google ebook?

Google ebook is a place and an item. Google ebooks is a website that offers a vast amount of ebooks for purchase and download. A google ebook is stored on a google server which makes it accessible on many different devices.

What types of books are available on Google ebook?

There are many different categories of books offered as Google partners with many different publishers to maximize the amount of books available. The categories are similar to what any book store offers: fiction, non-fiction, children's books, etc.

Can you get a Google ebook for free?

Yes! Google reports that is has over 3 million public domain books that are free to download.

How can I download these free books?

Go to the Free Classic shelf to browse the free titles and download. Specifically, search google ebooks with the keyword "free classic" and many different books will appear -- many more than if you search "free ebook".

Do you need a special ebook reader for google ebooks?

Google ebooks are offered in both epub and adobe pdf files which means that if your device can read these files, you can read google ebooks.

Is there any other way to read google ebooks without an ebook reader?

Google ebooks can be read online from your computer, a tablet or iPad, or a Smartphone. There are apps available for Android and the iPhone or iPad.

What is this cloud thing?

The "cloud" (or Google's computer servers) is the place where google ebooks are stored. This is important because it means you are not limited to only keeping or accessing you ebook file in one way. Google ebooks can be synched with your devices which means that whatever devices you access your ebook with, all of them will synch to the last page you read. You can also manage your google ebook collection from any device that can access google ebooks. If you break or lose your ebook reader, for example, you don't lose your google ebook because it is kept in the cloud.

How can I access my ebook offline?

You download the ebook file and transfer it to your device. You can download either an EPUB file or a PDF file.

Can I access Google Ebooks with my Kindle?

Not directly as the Kindle does not read the file formats offered by Google ebooks but you can convert the file to a file that can be read by your Kindle. Calibre and RetroRead are two examples of file conversion services.

Can I upload my ebook collection to my ebook account?

At this time, google ebooks does not have this option.

Does Google offer any ebook reader software?

Yes, you can download the Reader Library from the google ebook website. This software helps you to purchase and manage your ebook files. Reader Library also contains tools such as "notes" , bookmarking and a highlighter.

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