Feb 7

Hello my beautiful sexy woman!

I am glad that you are busy. It makes the time go faster and when you sleep at night gives you good dreams. I certainly do have wonderful dreams of you, enjoying you in so many ways. You are so fucking wonderful!

Had two doctors appointments yesterday and both were a bit disconcerting. The deep brain stimulator (dbs) doc talked about side effects that will include speech issues and mobility. The cardio doc said that sense I was getting a dbs they may not be able to do any more ablations or other cardiac procedures should I need them. Need to do more research to see if this is true. Lots more to find out and more decisions to be made about what would be the best thing to do. Sure you want to be stuck with a disabled old man?

I love you so fucking much and think you are just a fantastic wonderful woman and looking forward to when I can enjoy you 24/7/365.

your old man....

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