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To tell you the truth, I’m just a regular person who likes to read.   The idea to blog about the books I read is really just a way of justifying the amount of time I spend reading.  I’ve always wanted a job where you get paid to read and this blog thing seems to be an opportunity to just that.

Making dreams come true

Not that anybody is going to directly pay me for reading but if someone chooses to link to Amazon and buy the book I am blogging about, I will get a little bit of money thrown my way.  So please, if you are so inclined, visit Amazon courtesy of the link I provide on this page.  When you do that, you are helping me to realize my dream of getting paid to read.  Now isn’t that nice! 

Big fears

My biggest fear is that I’ll run out of books to read.  It happens.  Sometimes I just don’t have any luck finding anything interesting to read.  Does this ever happen to you?

Giving back

When I have trouble finding a good book to read, I surf the Internet to look for suggestions.  I’ve found some great websites that are so helpful.  And being that I like to give back when I get something, I’d like to write a blog to help others in the same way that I’ve been helped.

So I offer to you Ebook-mom’s book review pages.  Enjoy!