Apr 3

Good afternoon my wonderful sex goddess. You are so wonderful and I am so fucking in love with you. Love reading your words and please write whatever your heart and body want to say.

I like all the folks on CNN. Cuomo is my fave but I also like Brook Baldwin. Watch that mostly during the day but am getting a bit tired of it being so repetitive.

My pain has been ok. The pot and wine helps. It wakes me up a night bit if i relax for a while and dream of you being there to rub my legs (along with other things) it make it better enough to fall back to sleep.

i dream of you all day and especially at night when I go to bed and wake up during the night reaching out for you.

What format are the videos in? jpeg?

I am still trying to resurrect my old email and should know in the next couple of days.

Be safe my darling and stay well. Sure as hell don't want to lose the fantastic woman who has my heart. I so fucking own you!

With all my love,
your old man....

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