eBook-mom explains Amazon Prime Membership and free eBooks

I've discovered that I can check-out books using my Amazon Prime membership. I can't believe that I was able to download Water for Elephants for free. The upside is that there are many bestsellers that you can borrow from Amazon if you have an Amazon Prime membership. The downside is that you can only borrow one book at a time.

Amazon Prime Eligible

You should have heard the whoop when I saw the "0.00" prize for so many books that were Amazon Prime Eligible and then you should have heard the DARN when I realized I could just download one book at a time during a certain time period. You can check your account to learn when you are eligible to borrow another book.

Endless Lending Period

I really shouldn't complain because unlike the library, Amazon lets you borrow the book for pretty much as long as you want. Being a busy mom, I tend to forget when library lending periods end. Thank goodness you don't have to pay overdue fines when your lending period runs out. But, I can't tell you how many times this forgetful mom sits down in her favorite chair, with a cup of tea or "Iced Tea" (In Texas) and sees the dreaded words: lending period over.

Well, thanks Amazon for letting me borrow Water for Elephants. It's been two months now but I think this is the weekend I'm gonna' be able to finish it!

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