eBook-Mom Explains Adobe Reader X

Five Things About Adobe Reader X

  1. Add and save data to forms (if this function is enabled at time of document creation)
  2. Add Sticky Note comments to the document
  3. Use highlighter tools to highlight text
  4. Search PDF files in seconds
  5. Open PDF file in "Protected Mode" saving your computer software and data from malicious code

Adobe Reader X Explained

What is the Adobe ebook reader?

First before everybody gets confused, Adobe has not released a device to read e-book files, even though their software is sometimes referred to as "Adobe ebook Reader". Adobe Reader is a software viewer that "reads" pdf files. It is part of a suite of applications that creates, manages and edits Portable Document Files (pdf). Adobe Acrobat is probably the most recognized application of this document creation suite. Adobe Acrobat creates the documents and Adobe Reader enables users to read the documents created by Acrobat. The latest version of Adobe Reader is Adobe Reader version X. This software is available as freeware and can be downloaded directly from the Adobe website.

The difference between Adobe Digital Editions and Adobe Reader

Adobe Digital Editions is an Adobe application that is more suited to read, manage and view e-book files. The difference between the two applications is that Adobe Reader is not limited to viewing only ebook files as it can open and view interactive forms, multimedia content and other content rich PDF files. Also, when viewing PDF files with Digital Editions, there are no tools for highlighting or leaving comments, functions that are available in Adobe Reader X.

Adobe Reader Opens Pdf Files

You probably recognize the Adobe Reader application as the default software on your computer that opens pdf files such as manuals, brochures, or email attachments. Adobe Digital Editions is often used by libraries to manage and read the e-book files in their collection.

Adobe Reader X and Reading Ebooks

Is it incorrect to refer to Adobe Reader X as "Adobe Ebook Reader"? - no as it does read e-book files but if all you want to do is "read", it would be worth your while to download Adobe Digital Editions.

Fun Facts about Adobe Reader

  • More than 600 million copies of Adobe Reader has been distributed worldwide

  • Adobe Reader is distributed worldwide on 23 platforms and 33 languages

  • Acrobat 1.0 was released in 1993 for Macintosh

  • Acrobat Reader was originally priced at $50 per user

  • The IRS purchased the rights to distribute Reader 1.0 and made it free for anyone who obtained it through them.

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