May 16, 2019


I often wonder who eBook-mom is.  For the past four years she has just written pieces here or there but there is nothing consistent.  Sure, she had her Free eBook Chronicles and the Free eBook Directory but that was years ago.

There is also the "Real blog" where she chronicles her breakup and her survival from that breakup but after a few blog posts - she disappeared.  What has happened to eBook-mom?

I would really like it if eBook-mom tried harder and not just post about her emotional life but write about something that would be of use to her audience.  Update the free eBooks page or do something about the new apps that come in your email and give you free eBooks.  Write something!  Anything!

So this is my request to eBook mom and I hope she heeds it.  Otherwise she is going to become a Customer Service Associate, listening to complaints and requests that she can not make happen.  eBook-mom has a hard time holding a job.  And, I hear that lately she is afraid to leave the house.  So if she is in the house all the time, can't she write a blog post?  Can't she do a little research and log it here so that we can learn and use the information?  We know for a fact that she is a computer athlete.  So she surfs all day - what does she find out.  Please tell us.  

This website is a mess.  Please eBook-mom, spend some time here.  And gracious, get a brand already.  Become something - have an adventure on the internet!  You've got this eBook-mom.  Go get it done.


Ms. Vondran