welcome to Blue's Page! Hai

hey you seemed to have found the blue page of awesomeness just bounce around for a bit

hey wondering who blue is well blue is one of e-book moms kids :3

She has an "Oc" (original character) named Blue. She is an alicorn time lord  cyborg dragon um etc. her name is blue-saphire, her oc (Blue-Saphire) has 2 other sisters and well that's pretty much it :3 I'd rather not make a giant paragraph of that..... yeah lel o-o meh That's all we have for today ... lel =_- random emotes? o ^o owo omo :3

bored bored bored.... this is a random post cuz im BORED! ner.... yes im just bored lol O  ^O ok random post end------> DERP!