Amazon's Kindle Fire

So you start a blog post not knowing what you are going to be writing about. How can you contribute something useful for people to read?  Well, I have a lot of heart.  I really do want to help.  So, today I will write about Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Nothing like the Kindle Fire

There are a lot of tablets out there but I find that the Kindle Fire has a lot to offer.  For me it's a dedicated e-book reader.  The built in program for reading e-books is pretty awesome.  You can look up any word or concept with the dictionary or a link to the internet. I use an app for reading books in other formats and they are not as good as the app on the Kindle Fire.

Powerful video streaming for a tablet

The Kindle Fire has a 1.3 GHz quad core processor which makes it ideal for watching streaming video.  I never have a problem when using Netflix or Hulu.  The built in connection to Amazon video is also great.  If you purchase Amazon Prime you have access to a lot of movies and televisions show.  Also, the original Amazon movies or series are surprisingly entertaining.  If you are on a budget, I would get Amazon Prime and let go of Netflix and Hulu - there are that many choices on Amazon. If you aren't on a budget, you can purchase or rent the most recent movies.

The newsstand is just a click away

Another neat thing about the Kindle Fire is that you can subscribe to digital magazines. The Kindle Fire has a link that takes you to a newsstand of magazines that you can subscribe to.  I find that some digital magazine subscriptions are less than the print addition.  Amazon has sales where you can get a magazine for $5 a year.  This is pretty cool.  I have subscribed to such titles as : Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and Cosmopolitan  -- all for the low price of $5. 

Lots of love for the Kindle Fire

This is what I think you should do:   buy a Kindle Fire and join me in this love affair.  I mean it's only  money - compared to other tablets the Kindle Fire really gives you a lot of bang for your buck (always wanted to write that).  What do you think?  Are you ready to buy a Kindle Fire.