04012019 blog entry

April 1, 2019

11.10 pm

Nobody in the world is going to read this so I ought to use real names.  Instead of Steve, I will tell you that the breakup person is called Dennis.  I am in the angry phase of coping with the dismissal letter that I received from Dennis.  It's all right.  Everything is all right.  So I tell myself a thousand times a day.

Can't believe it

He said I was the love of his life.  He said that I made him happy.  Then why the "I fire you" email?  I will never know - and that is all right with me.  I'd rather not hear from Dennis again.  Sure, the other day I was in denial but now I am closer to acceptance - I am at anger.

A bit pathetic

All right, I am going to stop thinking and writing about Dennis as it is kind of pathetic.  I am a grown woman and I am acting like a teenager - this must stop and it will right here.  I am moving on because that is what grown women do - right?

Don't feel sorry for me

Don't feel sorry for me.  Don't get angry with me.  It's just life.  Dennis was not a good guy.  See, I knew it all along but I didn't want to think about it or ask about it.  Oprah quotes the great Maya Angelou and it goes like this:

Maya Angelou quote

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

This is so true!  Dennis showed me who he was early on and I did not pay attention.  Ladies, heed this quote because it is so very true.  Plus, by writing that firing note to me, Dennis really showed me that he was a world class jerk.

Learn from my mistake

So Ladies, learn from my mistake. Over and over, Dennis told me who he was but I never ever believed it. I keep saying that this will be my last mention of Dennis but the truth is, I'm working this all out on my blog.  I hope someone reads this and learns from me.  I want to get through this in a healthy way.  Tomorrow, I promise we will talk about something much better.  I will have an alternative to obsessing and in truth, wishing that he would come back to me.


Jo Anne