March 27, 2019


I received an email this morning that the relationship I have had for five months is now over.  It was short, sweet and very business like.  At the end, he wished me well.  I am in shock.  I am in denial.  My reaction is to start a blog to replace the emails that I would so lovingly wrote ever night (for the past five months)

Love letter that turn into breakup blogs

I am going to spare you the details of the break up - the why and the how because quite frankly, I am in shock.  If you had received a breakup email, would you be in shock?  I just googled email breakups and learned that this is a real thing.  Mostly, people write this emails because they don't want to deal with the other person.  I get that.  Still, I would have preferred even a phone call but that doesn't matter does it, I've been cut out of this person's life - so easily and so cold.  So I am starting a blog so that I can cope with the habit of writing every night.  I am replacing love letters with a breakup blog.

Moving on

So, time marches on and so will I.  I am in denial now, so the tears haven't really come.  The thing is, I have had worse breakups than this.  I have even had a boyfriend die from lung cancer.  So this break up kind of doesn't seem like a big deal.  He is alive and well - just living without me.  I am moving on.

Too good to be true

I have been through my share of breakups and to tell you the truth, the breakup email isn't so bad.  It is worse in person because you want to feel the other person and perhaps plead with them not to break up with you.  I always thought that this relationship was too good to be true.  I just always felt it in my heart.  Steve was a great guy and very good to me.  I am used to getting abused and taken advantage of but Steve never did any of those things.  I guess I was either not enough or just too much.

Being positive

Well, I am just going to nurture myself and try not to think of Steve anymore.  It was just five months.  The best five months ever but still not even half a year.  I can get over this.  How do you get over someone?  I'll read a lot of books, listen to music and watch movies.  I will keep busy.  Maybe I will go volunteer somewhere.  

Latina fire

Of course, I am being so British about this and being cool -- when I am actually a Latina and I feel like shouting and throwing things.  (not that Latinas do this of course)  I thought things were going so very well but looking back, there were signs.  What can I throw?  Who can I curse?  Can I change Steve's name to bastard?  Can you think of a good name for a person who breaks up with you by email?  Write it down below in the comments.  I am starting to get some of that Latina fire.  I am getting angry.

Wishing you well

I would like to hear your break up story.  Did the guy wish you well?  Do you wish him well back?  It's so cold to breakup by email - should I write an email back? Is this the way dating is going to go? I fell really hard for Steve but now I have to pick myself up and keep moving.  What am I moving towards?  Am I going to survive this? (get real it was a short relationship)

Being alone

I have had a boyfriend or a husband for the past forty years.  I am much to old for dating and breaking up.  I was married for thirty years.  I was always so happy not to have to worry about dating and things of this nature.  All I want to do is be married again.  But I can't help thinking: been there; done that.  But what else is there?  Is there a life where you are just alone and loving it?

Please comment below.  I would love to hear your story.  Maybe together, we can solve this mess.


Jo Anne